Accounting and Payroll

Russian statutory accounting is quite complicated. It is necessary to keep the accounting and file the returns even on a start up phase. We are happy to assist you with accounting and payroll allowing you to focus on your main business.

Why outsource accounting services

  • Experienced and bilingual accounting staff is required.
  • Russian financial and tax accounting standards differ from generally accepted worldwide
  • Accounting should be made in Russian and with use of special statutory forms and accounts
  • Accountants of a foreign company subsidiary should speak English, at least to communicate with the Headquarters. Professionals speaking foreign languages are rare and, thus expensive
  • Transformation of Russian accounting data into a form understandable by Shareholders
  • Our outsourcing company provides each client the team of accountants with different qualification, not just one accountant, who wants vacation or may get sick.

Accounting services in Russia

Accounting requires deep and extensive knowledge in other areas including civil law, taxation, currency and exchange transactions rules, operations at customs, labor and migration issues and etc. StartUpRussia has all specialists and may guarantee full compliance of accounting and well know and understand links and interactions between different Laws. At the StartUp period it is very important to find the reliable accountants which can provide the qualified guidelines in all aspects of Russian Legislation and provide you the complete accounting and tax support without wasting extra time and money.

Liaison with the tax authorities is time taking and could be troublesome. We represent your interests in all Russian authorities, we had success in all disputes with Tax Authorities and experience in receipt of VAT cash-back.

Being outsourcing Company StartUpRussia is unique in its attitude to the Client as if we are inhouse accountants: we carefully expertise the needs of each and every Client and treat all of them as if there is no one else except the only one.

We provide full list of services which are required under Russia Accounting standards and under the requirements of our Clients:

  • Creation of the Financial and Tax Accounting Policy
  • Creation of all the required accounting and tax registers
  • Preparation and submission to the tax and other fiscal and statistics authorities of all the statutory financial and tax reports
  • Fulfillment of currency control requirements
  • Preparation of online banking payments payroll calculations
  • Submission of tax and accounting reports in electronic format
  • Quick check with tax inspections about tax accounts of our Clients to insure completion of all accounting and tax duties and liabilities
  • Preparation of management reports for our Clients in format which Client uses Worldwide.

Payroll services in Russia

Qualified personnel – is the key resource for each Company, especially at the StartUp period, when each employee is like the fresh breath for the new business. You can spend a month to find and employ the right person for your new Company, but it can take a day to make him leave, if he is not satisfied with labor conditions. One of the employee’s interest in the employer is to be paid in time, to be clear with what he receives in different cases and to be 100% sure that his employee’s rights will not be violated.

Being specialists in Labor and HR Law we provide support to your employees in all cases when they have questions about calculation of the salary. Will make them happy with employment in terms of payroll and HR issues, as we care about each employee of our Clients.

We provide the following payroll services:

  • Calculation of the salary and social security
  • Payment of salary and social securities
  • Preparation and submission of all statutory reports Pension and Social security funds
  • Preparation and share the pay-slips for the employees
  • Provide complete explanations to the employees about amounts received
  • Preparation of all necessary HR documents relating to employment of employee

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