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StartUpRussia has been closely working with BGP Litigation on various projects from 2010

BGP Litigation is a leading firm specializing in dispute resolution and corporate restructuring. The firm was founded in 2006 and combines legal and investment expertise.

Focus. We are focused exclusively on litigation and dispute resolution. Our narrow specialization, years of experience and the diversity of the mandates we have undertaken enable us to find the highest number of approaches and solutions in L&DR matters, whether in the Russian Federation or abroad.

Scope. We offer a full scope of L&DR expertise, including conducting litigation and arbitration in various types of matters such as cross-border disputes, bankruptcy and criminal cases, asset searches, execution and levy on assets, and coordination of the negotiation process.

Scale. Our team is comprised of more than 50 lawyers, including seven partners. The scale of our business allows us to work effectively on matters involving numerous parallel proceedings at various levels and in various jurisdictions.

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