Tax Advice

Important aspect of any business is taxation. We will guide you on the Russian taxes and levies that would be applicable to your business as well as help in choosing the tax system appropriate for your business.

Depending on your business in Russia different tax systems can be chosen when setting up the company. There is a general tax system and a simplified one. We will consult you on the pros and cons of both systems and will guide you on which one is best applicable in your particular case.

We will:

Provide an analysis of the contracts, from the tax consequences

File tax returns and make payments

Assist in application of different types of agreement to achieve a business target. Analyze business contracts for compliance with the business purpose of the transaction and the provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation, including the tax, and if necessary – will develop recommendations for adjustments and / or supplement the provisions of the contract;

Recommend how to reflect a particular operation in accounting in order to optimize taxation. Offer an alternative contractual relationships scheme participants in the transaction, more attractive from a tax perspective.

Determine the possibility of using tax incentives when and where possible give comprehensive recommendations on the use of these benefits

Assist in pre-trial settlement of tax disputes (including – Legal support tax audits, preparation of objections to tax audit and the preparation of appeals against decisions of the tax authorities).


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